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The Los Angeles Society of Plastic Surgeons (LASPS) is a professional organization consisting of plastic and reconstructive surgeons based in the greater Los Angeles area. The society provides continuing medical education to its membership through creative, ethical and effective instructional programs, teaching sessions and seminars. The ultimate goal of the society is to improve the knowledge, skill, and professional performance of plastic surgeons to best serve their patients.


The LASPS started as a small group of young plastic surgeons in the Los Angeles Area in the 1970s. The group met sporadically to discuss difficult cases and exchange ideas and techniques. As time went on and the number of plastic surgeons expanded in the Los Angeles area, the group decided to form a society in which they could continue to share their ideas in a structured and informational manner for the next generation of plastic surgeons. The society continues to focus on the exchange of ideas and discussions within the meetings.

Membership in the society is highly selective and consists of leaders in the field, including surgeons with numerous authorship credits and those who have served as officers in national and international plastic surgery societies.

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